Contemporary Chinese (Revised edition) - Textbook 2

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Contemporary Chinese, a complete adult-level textbook series, is tailored to beginners of the Chinese language and is aimed at developing the abilities of listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing of the language. This series has been widely used at home and abroad since its initial publication. Based on teachers impressions of, and suggestions for, the book over the past decade, the following changes have been made to the revised edition: restructured content and teaching procedures for a greater ease of use for both students and teachers; updated and relevant topics; increased exercises and class activities; two new books: including Testing Materials and Supplementary Reading Materials. The revised edition embodies a new process-oriented, task-based and interactive teaching method.

Table of Contents
Unit 1
Have You Ever Climbed the Great Wall?
1.1 I've raised birds before
1.2 You must be very familiar with Beijing by now?
1.3 Language Points

Unit 2
Is Everyone Here?
2.1 She went to the hospital
2.2 What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
2.3 Language Points

Unit 3
When Did They Arrive?
3.1 They took the train here
3.2 When did you borrow this book?
3.3 Language Points

Unit 4
You're Dressed So Beautifully Today
4.1 She sings very well
4.2 Martin is speaking Chinese especially fluently today
4.3 Language Points

Unit 5
The Weather in My Hometown Is Better Than Here
5.1 It's not so hot in my hometown
5.2 Is the weather in your hometown the same as here?
5.3 Language Points

Unit 6
My Hometown Is in the Northeast
6.1 There's a mountain on the north side of my house and a river on the south side
6.2 Is your home far from the sea?
6.3 Language Points

Unit 7
I Have Studied Chinese for Half a Year
7.1 Practice Chinese for two hours each time
7.2 OK. I'll say it once again
7.3 Language Points

Unit 8
The Train Tickets Are Sold Out
8.1 All the activities have already been scheduled
8.2 We both fell down
8.3 Language Points

Unit 9
You Can Move in Right Away
9.1 Can we take this contract back for a look?
9.2 Please buy and install it soon
9.3 Language Points

Unit 10
I'm Afraid I Don't Understand
10.1 Can you get the tickets?
10.2 Too tired to even speak
10.3 Language Points

Unit 11
I've Left My Wallet in the Car
11.1 Where did you put your wallet?
11.2 I'll bring the wallet over to you immediately
11.3 Language Points
English Translation of the Texts
Supplementary Text
At the Wedding
Two Chinese Folk Songs
Jasmine Flower
Love Song on the Grasslands
Index of Vocabulary
Index of Grammatical Items
Index of Functional Items
Sample Pages Preview

Sample pages of Contemporary Chinese (Revised edition) - Textbook 2 (ISBN:9787513807319)

Sample pages of Contemporary Chinese (Revised edition) - Textbook 2 (ISBN:9787513807319)

Sample pages of Contemporary Chinese (Revised edition) - Textbook 2 (ISBN:9787513807319)

Contemporary Chinese (Revised edition) - Textbook 2