Interactive Chinese (French Version) (5 Books + 8 CDs + 8 CD-Roms)

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Interactive Chinese is an integrated learning Chinese software with words, sounds, pictures, animations and music. Interactive Chinese is user friendly designed, content rich, comprehensive tutorial program. This interactive learning Chinese program will make you enthusiastic about learning Chinese.

More than 20 Chinese experts took part in the planning and the editing of this Chinese educational program-books and lessons. More than 100 multimedia experts and programmers worked together to develop this multimedia learning Chinese software. This software is composed of a total number of 300,000 Chinese words and relevant English explanations. This program package consists of 16 CD-ROMs and five books.

Subject part: Phonetic (1 CD) Chinese character (1 CD) Text (6 CDs) HSK (1 CD) Vocabulary (1 CD)
Reading part: Tang Dynasty's Poems (1 CD) Song Dynasty's Poems (1 CD) Idioms (1 CD) Proverbs (1 CD) Two-part Allegorical Sayings (1 CD) Allusions (1 CD)

This software introduces a comprehensive self-study Chinese way step by step. It starts from the Chinese phonetic alphabet and ends at the HSK examination. It is designed to help you learn oral Chinese during the study of the Chinese phonetic alphabet. Each Chinese character is accompanied by Chinese phonetic alphabet. Each Chinese word or sentence is explained in English.

To facilitate starters, the interface of this software is bilingual, with classical Chinese music as the background music. The texts, progressing from simple to difficult are practical and systematic, covering the daily life of Chinese people, folk customs, shopping, sightseeing, paying visit to friends, etc. You could hear the Chinese talk, or join in personally. Using this software you will enjoy studying Chinese with its lively and free style.


Fully interactive, native speaker, sounds, pictures, animations, and music, learning as lively.

Systematically and comprehensively teaching program from Chinese phonetics to writing Chinese character practice, to HSK test practice.

Superior valuable package: You'll gain the intermediate level and stand out among other learners. Learn Chinese and learn Chinese culture.

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Interactive Chinese (French Version) (5 Books + 8 CDs + 8 CD-Roms)