Interactive Chinese I (with 1 MP3)

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For classroom teaching and self-study

Interactive Chinese is a series of elementary integrated Chinese course books written based on the idea of interactive education. 

This biggest feature of this book is that it has been arranged in accordance with the actual steps of teaching. There are a total of 16 lessons divided into two volumes. According to the steps of teaching, each lesson contains nine modules respectively dealing with the four elements and four basic skills, etc. of the Chinese language. They are “Warm-up Exercises”, “Texts”, “Phonetics”, “Vocabulary”, “Grammar”, “Reading Comprehension”, “Listening Comprehension”, “Chinese Characters” and “Comprehensive Exercises”, with relevant “Cultural Tips” after certain lessons to introduce China and Chinese culture using pictures and texts. 
This is Volume Ⅰ in the series, suitable for learners who have no former experience of learning Chinese or have learned about 400 Chinese words. It can be used for various kinds of short-term programs in China, for adult learners overseas or for self-taught learners.

About the Author(s)
Mr. Liu Chuanping is an associate professor in the School of Chinese Studies, Dalian International Studies University, whose research interests lie in Chinese linguistics and teaching Chinese as a foreign language (TCFL). Mr. Liu has been engaged in TCFL since 1986, teaching Chinese courses at all levels to undergraduates and postgraduates. His courses include basic Chinese, intensive reading, speaking, listening, Chinese grammar, newspaper reading, TCFL theories, use and compilation of textbooks, and Chinese culture, etc. He has already had several of his teaching materials published.
Sample Pages Preview

Sample pages of Interactive Chinese I (with 1 MP3) (ISBN:9787561934685) 

Sample pages of Interactive Chinese I (with 1 MP3) (ISBN:9787561934685) 

Sample pages of Interactive Chinese I (with 1 MP3) (ISBN:9787561934685) 

Sample pages of Interactive Chinese I (with 1 MP3) (ISBN:9787561934685)
Interactive Chinese I (with 1 MP3)