The Old Building of Chaozhou

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Author: Construction Bureau of Chaozhou;
Language: Chinese-English
Format: Hardcover
Page: 280
Publication Date: 02/2008
ISBN: 9787112096664
Publisher: China Construction Industry Press
This book falls into two sections: a brief introduction and examples. The brief introduction is devoted to the development track, achievements and features of ancient buildings in Chaozhou city, and the example section introduces Architectures under State Protection, civil architecture, and other ancient buildings and architectural decorations. Architectural examples such as Kaiyuan Temple, Guangji Bridge and the Mansion of Lord Xu, Royal Son-in-law etc, the kind of which are difficult to find, are the State Protection Architectures. This book provides a panorama of the ancient buildings in Chaozhou, with the combination of the illustrations and writing.
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The Old Building of Chaozhou