Shanghai's Architectural Legacy

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Author: Wang Weiming;
Language: English
Format: 20.8 x 13.4 x 1.8 cm
Page: 263
Publication Date: 11/2014
ISBN: 9787567114708
Table of Contents
Editor's Preface 
Chapter one From 2013 towards the future: Stunning interior beauty 
Chapter two 1843-1910: The steady progression of history 
Chapter three 1910-1930: World fairs 
Chapter four 1930-1936: Upward desires and aspirations 
Chapter five 1937-1949: Bleak times 
Chapter six 1950-1979: Some things get better; some things get worse 
Chapter seven 1980-1985: A vigorous recovery 
Chapter eight 1986-1990: Shanghai comes alive 
Chapter nine 1991-2000: New trends 
Chapter ten 2013 and beyond: Lifestyles within Haipai architecture 
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Shanghai's Architectural Legacy