Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: LU ZHI

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Luzhi is famous for its waterways. There are six rivers in the town, three flowing from east to west and three from south to north. Along the rivers are old streets and residential houses. According to myth, the town is protected by a divine beast. And the local people are simple and honest, living a peaceful life. The Songze culture and Liangzhu culture, with a history of over 5,000 years, have left behind a great historical and cultural heritage. A galaxy of literati could be found in each period. Moreover, the tradition of running schools and improving education has been passed down, as evidenced by the Bailian Temple, Master Puli Memorial Park, the No. 5 Primary School, and Ye Shengtao Memorial Hall. The centuries-old Baosheng Temple houses nine state-of-the-art arhat sculptures, which are now under protection at the national level. Behind a screen wall along a river is the Shen family compound, with many houses and spacious courtyards. This ancient waterside town has nurtured a pioneer of the modern reform movement in China, Wang Tao, as well as the international movie star Josephine Siao. Along the narrow rivers, boatwomen dressed in local costumes sing melodious songs, making for beautiful scenes in Luzhi.
Table of Contents
No.1 River Town in China
Rivers and Bridges
Waterway Scenery
Luzhi Boatwomen
Centuries-old Baosheng Temple
Ye Shengtao Memorial Hall
Wansheng Rice Shop
Serene Lu Guimeng
Educator Shen Baihan and the Shen
Family Compound
Wang Tao, Forunner of Reform Movement
Josephine Siao, International Movie Star from an
Ancient Residence
Luzhi Food and Local Specialties
Scenic Spots
Local Delicacies
How to Get to Luzhi
Ticket Prices
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Sample pages of Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: LU ZHI (ISBN:9787119061672)
Sample pages of Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: LU ZHI (ISBN:9787119061672)
0n the Luzhi rivers,you can hearcheers and laughter from morning toevening.Attractive and hardworkingboatwomen speak the Suzhou dialect and sing folk ballads while rowing boatsto and fro.The water ripples as theboats move forward,rather resemblingthe boatwomen'S dimples.The songs oflocal flavor and colorfullocal folk COS-tumes leave a deep impression onvisjtors. Walking in the streets of the ancient town,you willoften see small groups of village women who wear theirhair in buns or coiled and covered with colored clothkerchiefs,front-buttoned Chinese garments of variouscolors,black trousers,wraps and embroidered shoes.Many people think that they are ethnic minorities.Actually,they are local Han people. The women'S clothing of Luzhi can be traced back toover 2,5 00 years ago.At that time,Luzhi was a smallvillage surrounded by 1akes and rivers,which were COV-ered with blossoming 10tus flowers and green lotus leaves.When village women went to lotus ponds to pick lotusroots,they covered the head with 10tus 1eaves to protectthem from the sun and rain.Maids in the provisional.
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Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: LU ZHI