Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: XI TANG

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Xitang, a town of ancient residences, is renowned for many bridges, lanes and covered corridors. Visitors may find shelter from the sun and rain under the many extended corridors with hanging red lanterns, and discover a sense of history winding through the cracks along the quiet lengths of Shipi Lane and Ji Family Lane. The town has numerous Ming and Qing dynasty buildings. You can still sense a profound scholarly air in Zunwen and Zuijing halls, and observe in West Garden a few arcaded houses, appearing as if suspended in the sky. In a small boat you can glide forward through drizzle and willows, looking for the Divine Hall along the Incense-Burning Waterway while appreciating stone bridges and flowing waters ¨C scenery typical of southeast China. At dusk on Yongning Bridge, you may capture another aspect of Xitang¡¯s beauty and tranquility by enjoying the moonrise, viewing lanterns and listening to the soft paddle-strokes through the water; while at dawn, breathe in strong whiffs of awakening life from wafting chimney smoke or early morning haze, hanging over the river channels, old houses and streets, as well as stone bridges, all comprising elements of a traditional Chinese painting.
Table of Contents
A Vibrant 1,000-year-old Town
Antique Buildings for Mixed Commercial-Residential Use
Historical Channels and Suspended Buildings
Stone Bridges in Xitang
Stories of OId Residences
Memories of West Garden
Temple of Loyal Grain-Escod General
Incense'Burning Waterway and Dongyue Temple
Folk Culture Museums
Riverside Taverns and Local Flavors
Red Azaleas and Blue.white Printed CIoth
Scenic Spots
Local Delicacies
HOw to Get to Tongli
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Sample pages of Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: XI TANG (ISBN:9787119061719)
Sample pages of Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: XI TANG (ISBN:9787119061719)
AS its name spreads far and wide,Xitang has attracted a growing number of visitors,propelling the local serviceindustry.There are many simple tav-erns and restaurants,mostly built onthe basis of old residences.The mostfamous restaurants are 03antang Renjiaby Yongning Bridge,Mingqing Shidaiand Leguo Fandian near Anjing Bridge,as well as others,including Youyicun,Xiangtang Fandian,Laojie Fandian,Shuishang Canting,and Lao Pin Fang.Quite a few river-side taverns have themselves become scenic spots,withrows of wine jars under their eaves,flying wine bannersin front,and opened archaic carved windows. OAantang Renjia and Mingqing Shidai are the two res-taurants with the best locations in Xitang.The former ison one end of the Yongning Bridge,and has its door facing Hazy Rain Corridor.Beside the door is an old streetZhumao Street.The east and south of the restaurant issurrounded by water.The restaurant has a spacious dining hall.with backrest seats set on the sides 0f the river.Diners can enjoy the river scenes while 10unging in theseats.Also known for to its antique furniture,the restaurant was selected as a location for shooting the TV series.
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Ancient Towns Around Shanghai: XI TANG