Sing Your Way to Chinese 2 (with 1 CD)

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Level: Elementary

This Book is the second volume of Sing Your Way to Chinese series.

Sing Your Way to Chinese is a set of Chinese textbooks for children. Using original children’s songs, Chinese basic grammar and rich and interesting topics, it teaches children with a sense of the times in a creative and innovative way.
This set of textbooks is designed mostly for pre-school children and primary school-pupils who have just started to learn Chinese. It can also be used by secondary school students or other Chinese learners. As the best set of optional textbooks for Chinese studies, it is fit for various overseas public, private, and weekend schools. It can also be used for one-to-one instruction and even for self-study.
This teaching material follows humanist educational ideas, enabling students and teachers to fully enjoying learning and teaching Chinese. By using this teaching material, children will be "singing while learning, playing while learning and laughing while learning". It imperceptibly integrates Chinese learning into singing, playing games, doing exercises and other activities that children enjoy so as to provide a relaxed and happy learning environment. Using this material will also enhance children’s understanding of natural science, social activities and Chinese culture, as well as cultivate their team spirit and sense of cooperation.
This set of textbooks consists of 6 volumes altogether with 6 lessons in each volume. It is suggested to use 36 hours to teach each volume. Each lesson includes 4 parts: "Let’s sing", "Let’s learn", "Sing in pairs" and "Exercises". Among them, "Let’s sing" and "Sing in pairs" present both children’s singing and musical without vocal accompaniment for children to sing along, sing antiphonally and perform. The musical scores are provided at the end of each volume.
The words and grammatical items of each lesson are selected and arranged from easy to difficult and learning of them are proceeded step by step. As the contents of each volume are relatively independent and various in topic, they can be used either as the main or supplementary teaching materials.

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Sing Your Way to Chinese 2 (with 1 CD)