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Author: Glenn Fieber;
Language: English
Page: 171
Publication Date: 06/2009
ISBN: 9787508515274
Qin Shi Huang: his name endures today not just in every "Made in China" label on the imports flooding western markets, but more significantly in China's strong political and economic presence on the world stage. Emperor of Stone: Qin and the Terra Cotta Armies takes a detailed look at Qin's major accomplishments, achievements whose long shadow through time continue to shape China today. But the book does more. It is impossible to understand Qin without a sense of culture into which he was born, so I have also described the shifting and evolving landscape from the practical optimism of Confucius in the perfectibility of man, through the "Mandate. of Heaven" and on to the legalist views of Li Si-that ultimately shaped his thinking and brought about the Great Wall, the terra cotta warriors...and his own ruin.

About Author
Glenn Fieber

Before 2001,China was for me mostly rice and acupuncture. Chopsticks and fortune cookies.
But when l moved to Beijing to teach in 2001- and learned that there are no fonune cookies there-I began my love affair wim China.The next year I was invited to Shanghai Maritime University;it was the beginning of six memorable years of teaching writing and English. What’s more.when I participated in a transition of Margaret Atwood’s Blind Assassin. I was foreed to reconsider the magnifieence of language with new eyes.
As well, my wife and I traveled widely-from Xinjiang and Tibet in the west,to Inner Mongolia, in the north,Qingdao in the east and Hong Kong, Guangzhou,and Haifian in the south. Everywhere, we were dazzled by the beauty and diversity of the culture, and all under one roof!
But the heart of this rich mystery of a country is in Xi’an.I made four trips to the museum there.each one a journey in time and space.
In order to understand a thing.1 write about it. To enable my western mind to understand eastern culture-how people can bend for twelve hours a day seven days a week growing rice-I wrote. I have contributed articles on culture,health,travel,media and translation to that's Shanghai and Shanghsi Talk. One of those articles,in fact,on Oin Shi Huang and the terra cotta wardors. led me to the wrign of Emperor of Stone. Qin andthe Terra Cotta Armies.
Table of Contents
Timelines Relating to Qin Shi Huang
Chapter1 Strange Bedfellows
Chapter2 Assassinations and Excesses
Chapter3 Life on the Street
Chapter4 A Prophecy of Doom:The Death of qin Shi Huang
Chapter5 Palaces below Ground:Zhe Mausoleum and the Smaller Pits
Chapter6 Inside the Main Pits
Chapter7 Qin's Real Warriors
Chapter8 Weapons of War
Chapter9 Art and Craft in the Making of the Terra Cotta Warriors
Chapter10 The Great Wall
Chapter11 Was Qin Shi Huang an Immortal?
Chapter12 Who Built the Terra Cotta Warriors?
Chapter13 The Museum at Xi'an
1.Development of the Calligraphy Paintbrush
2.Symbols of Dynasty
4.Sima Qian
5.Naming the Emperor
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