Learn Chinese with Me Vol 1: Teacher's Book

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Author: Chen Fu; Zhu Zhiping;
Page: 143
Publication Date: 06/2003
ISBN: 9787107166840

Learn Chinese with Me is a set of textbooks designed especially for high school students.

During high school students develop from adolescence to adulthood and are keen to learn but have yet to set their goals in life. Their education, including language training, should therefore focus on fostering their interests. The style and content of Learn Chinese with Me were compiled on this principle.

All the contributors are first-line teachers of teaching Chinese as a second language and the textbooks have always been compiled with the teaching of the students in mind. Due to differences in culture, there are however some differences between teaching Chinese as a second language in China and teaching Chinese as a second language abroad, especially at high school level, in terms of teaching concept and ideology. The research we conducted before compiling these textbooks proved the existence of such differences. Nevertheless, we are still convinced that in a century where various cultures are intermingling with each other, we can bridge the gap through mutual understanding and exchange of ideas with our overseas counterparts. Thus, we sincerely welcome any suggestions for the improvement of this series of textbooks and the cause of teaching Chinese we have both been endeavouring at.

Table of Contents
第一单元  学校、同学和老师
1 你好
2 再见
3 我是王家明
4 谢谢
5 她们是学生吗
6 他们是我的朋友
第二单元  朋友和伙伴
7 他是谁
8 谁是你的好朋友
9 你有几张中文光盘
10 这是谁的钱包
11 祝你生日快乐
12 今天我很高兴
第三单元  我和我的家
13 你多大
14 这是我的狗
15 你从哪里来
16 我住在柏树街
17 你家有几口人
18 我爸爸是医生
第四单元  一年四季
19 现在几点
20 你每天几点起床
21 昨天、今天、昨天
22 星期六你干什么
23 今天天气怎么样
24 冬天冷,夏天热
第五单元  衣食住行
25 我要二十个饺子
26 你们家买不买年货
27 一共多少钱
28 你喜欢什么颜色
29 穿这件还是穿那件
30 他什么样子
第六单元  体育和健康
31 你哪儿不舒服
32 医生,我牙疼
33 你会游泳吗
34 去游泳池怎么走
35 你去哪儿度暑假
36 运动场上有很多人
Learn Chinese with Me Vol 1: Teacher's Book