Learn Chinese with Me Vol 1: Workbook

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Page: 160
Publication Date: 11/2003
ISBN: 9787107170867

In accordance with “Learn Chinese with Me” Student's Book 1, this workbook is mainly designed for homework, but the teacher can also choose some exercises for class teaching. There are altogether 36 lessons, each of which contains 6-8 exercises, including exercises on Pinyin, Chinese characters, vocabulary and sentence patterns. Since this workbook is planned for beginners, we have always been keeping the following principles in mind when compiling it:

1. Emphasizing the learning of the Pinyin. Following the same teaching sequence in the textbook, this workbook contains exercises on the Pinyin in each lesson. Even if the study of the basic knowledge of Pinyin is concluded, such exercises as recognizing the sound, practicing the tones can still help the students recall what they have learned, as they recycle the teaching points of the previous units.

2. Identifying and pronouncing Chinese characters first, and writing them second. Following the same teaching sequence in the textbook, this workbook can help the students gradually obtain the knowledge of basic structures, basic strokes, the most commonly used components, and the stroke order of Chinese characters. During this process, the recognition and reading of Chinese characters always precede the writing of Chinese characters.

3. This workbook tried to make the exercise interesting, when the knowledge of Chinese Language has been compiled in an integrated and systematical way.

Table of Contents
Unit One School,Classmates and Teachers
1 你好
2 再见
3 我是王家明
4 谢谢
5 她们是学生吗
6 他们是我的朋友
Unit Two Hanging Out with My Friends
7 他是谁
8 谁是你的好朋友
9 你有几张中文光盘
10 这是谁的钱包
11 祝你生日快乐
12 今天我很高兴
Unit Thress My Family and I
13 你多大
14 这是我的狗
15 你从哪里来
16 我住在柏树街
17 你家有几口人
18 我爸爸是医生
Unit Four Four Seasons ofthe Year
19 现在几点
20 你每天几点起床
21 昨天、今天、明天
22 星期六你干什么
23 今天天气怎么样
24 冬天冷,夏天热
Unit Five Food and Clothing
25 我要二十个饺子
26 你们家买不买年货
27 一共多少钱
28 你喜欢什么颜色
29 穿这件还是穿那件
30 他什么样子
Unit Six Sports and Health
31 你哪儿不舒服
32 医生,我牙疼
33 你会游泳吗
34 去游泳池怎么走
35 你去哪儿度暑假
36 运动场上有很多人
附录 部分练习题答案
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Learn Chinese with Me Vol 1: Workbook