Learn Chinese with Me Vol 4: Workbook

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Author: Chen Fu; Zhu Zhiping;
Page: 143
Publication Date: 12/2004
ISBN: 7107182722, 9787107182723

As a supplement to Learn Chinese with Me Student's Book 4, this workbook is mainly designed for homework. However, these exercises can also at the teacher’s discretion be used as classwork. There are altogether 6 units including 18 lessons, each of which contains 8-10 exercises, such as exercises on Pinyin, Chinese characters, vocabulary and sentence patterns. Since this workbook is intended for those who have already learned a certain amount of Chinese, we have kept in mind the following priciples:

1. In terms of vocabulary, exercises are designed to focus on the recognition and reading of the new words introduced in the lesson. In this type of exercise the students are required to supply correct Pinyin for the given words and to be able to write some important ones. They are also required to be able to perform accurate two-way translations between Chinese and English.

2. In terms of Chinese characters, this workbook, in accordance with the text, can gradually familiarize the students with the basic structures, basic strokes, common components and stroke order of Chinese characters. There are exercises on character components and stroke order in each lesson. There are also exercises on polyphones and characters with similar forms in each unit in accordance with Student’s Book4.

3. We insured that the introduction of Chinese is done in an integrated and systematic way; at the same time, we tried to make every exercise interesting. Therefore, we added some pictures and other amusing forms of exercises.

Table of Contents

Unit One  A Tour Around Beijing
1  北京欢迎你
2  看高楼还是钻胡同
3          我认识的北京人
Unit Two  Traditional Culture
4  一场特别的京剧演出
5  我和针灸
6  少林功夫
Unit Three  Social Activities
7  生日晚会
8  同桌
9  青年志愿者
Unit Four  Leisure Time
10  我的爱好
11  网上聊天
12  站在别人的角度想一想
Unit Five  The Earth-Our Sole Home
13  火儿
14  海豚死了
15  大熊猫
Unit Six  Further Education and Job Hunting
16  一份简历
17  上大学
18  理想的职业
附录  部分练习题答案

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