A Collection of Classical Formula for Diabetes

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English-Chinese Bilingual Version of Essences of Diabetic Treatments of Traditional Chinese Ancient Prescriptions edited by La Wanying and Bai Sufen, is the compound monograph of diabetes of Chinese medical treatments, with the characteristics of testing, cheap, simplicity and convenience and the drugs in the prescription is all the vegetable medicine and it is easy to get, make and effective in treatment. The main body of the book is ancient prescription essences, ranking by the stroke order of the word, with each prescription marked with prescription resources, composition, application, functions, indications and remarks, among which functions and remarks are supplemented by the author for the references of the readers. The appendix content describes the researches of the cure and prevention of diabetes of Chinese medicine, which is the best collection of curing diabetes for Chinese patent drugs and is the contrast of measure system. The book is suitable for staff of medicine of home and abroad, teaching, scientific researching, diabetic patents and Chinese medicine fans.
A Collection of Classical Formula for Diabetes