Experiencing Chinese: Living in China (40-50 Hours) (with audios)

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Experiencing Chinese: Living in China (40—50 Hours) is a language book specially written for foreign beginners of the Chinese language. It is suitable for adults who want a short course for learning Chinese. It provides material suitable both for short-term classes and for one-on-one teaching.

The book incorporates the concept of learning-through-experience and functional language learning. It is designed to meet the basic requirements for daily social communication and focuses on the training of listening and speaking skills. The book consists of one Pronunciation camp (2-4 hours) and 12 units (3-4 hours/unit), totaling 40-50 teaching hours.

1. Pronunciation
For short-term learners, phonetic training is mainly provided in the "Pronunciation" section. In addition, there is pronunciation and comparative practice in each unit of important words and  expressions selected from dialogues.

2. 12 Units
The 12 units of the book are made up of the most practical communication tasks selected to meet the basic requirements of the learners' daily life in China. Each unit contains the following sections: Objectives, Warm-Up, Words and Phrases, Sentences, Dialogue and Activities.
The difficult points in the text are shown in English notes only.
The practice in the class embodies the features of learning-through-experience, presenting traditional exercises as well as functional practice.

The Main Features
In accordance with the characteristics of adult learners who have limited studying time but strong self-learning ability, this book adopts a couple of innovative patterns: 
There are two parts in each unit, both consisting of text and practice. Learners should follow the sequence by finishing the first part before going on to the second one. This learning-with-Practicing model not only favors teaching and learning, but enhances the learners' feeling of accomplishment  "Warm-Up" is the first step towards each unit. The words and expressions with the charts will lead the learners into the new task unit. It re-cycles the knowledge already acquired by the learners and increases their vocabulary in preparation for the sentence and dialogue practice afterwards.
In the "Activities" section, the learners can fulfill each language task through various interesting activities and, thus, increase vocabulary. In addition, learners are able to decide how to study according to their own situation. This is an attempt to incorporate the self-learning concept into adult
We especially designed the listening exercises, emphasizing advancing students' listening abilities. "Characters" selects frequently used Chinese characters in daily life. It is especially useful for short-term students to read these common Chinese characters. "Do You Know?" is aimed at bringing out the differences between Chinese and foreign cultures in the language, for your better understanding of Chinese.
The layout design and illustrations incorporate Chinese culture and tastes of modern metropolitan life, as well as the preferences of adult learners. A large amount of real-life pictures are included, which is an important demonstration of the "Experiencing Chinese" concept.
We hope that you will like this book and find it helpful and fun. We sincerely welcome your valuable comments and suggestions.
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Experiencing Chinese: Living in China (40-50 Hours) (with audios)