An Advanced Course in Modern Chinese - Textbook Grade 3 Vol 2 (with CD)

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Author: Ma Shude;
Language: Chinese
Page: 256
Publication Date: 09/2013
ISBN: 9787561936214
Level: Advanced

An Advanced Course in Modern Chinese is a National Planned Textbook for the “10th Five-Year” General Higher Education. This is its revised edition. This series of textbooks is developed by the teaching and research office of advanced Chinese in the Department of Chinese Language and Culture, College of Chinese Studies, BLCU. The authors are all experienced teachers and textbook writers. The texts in this book vary in themes and genres, including essays, satirical essays, stories, expository, practical and argumentative writings, and so on. The compilation of the book observes the principle of combining structure and function and meanwhile integrates the teaching of cultural factors. There are three volumes in the series, with 10 lessons in each. Each lesson consists of three parts: texts, language points, and exercises. Adjustments, additions and improvements have been made to the texts, the arrangement of the new words, the explanations of language points and the design of exercises, making the book better to use. This is Volume 2 of the book. The part of language points in each lesson is basically the same as those in Volume 1, except the “Grammar Tips” are replaced by “Rhetorical Explanations”. The linguistic data of the advanced level include more rhetoric phenomena; therefore, over ten common rhetorical devices are explained using examples from the texts. In contrast to Volume 1, the exercises put more focus on the training of paragraph and discourse and add some question types, for example, the writing assignments based on the texts. An MP3 CD with text recordings is included in the book. 

About the Author(s) 
Mr. Ma Shude, the chief author of the book, is a professor in the College of Chinese Studies of BLCU. Mr. Ma graduated from PLA University of Foreign Languages in 1967 and has been teaching Chinese as a foreign language since 1973. He was a teacher in the Chinese Department of the University of Bonn between 1988 and 1993. An Advanced Course in Modern Chinese has been acknowledged as a National Planned Textbook for the “10th Five-Year” General Higher Education and a “Top-Quality Textbook for Higher Education in Beijing”.
Table of Contents
第一课 傅雷家书
词语例释 至而另外如此
同义词辨析 终身/终生鼓励/鼓舞错误/失误
修辞举要 排比
第二课 马寅初与他的《新人口论》
词语例释 进行即不堪
同义词辨析 增长/增加措施/办法资料,材料
修辞举要 反语
第三课 从宋代画院的考试谈起
词语例释 作为绝尽所谓
同义词辨析 表现/表达评论/评价具有/富有 效果,结果
修辞举要 借代
第四课 现代技术的危险何在?
词语例释 何无非无所谓之诸如
同义词辨析 本质/实质结果/后果放弃,抛弃
修辞举要 设问与反问
第五课 华罗庚
词语例释 如好不若大凡
同义词辨析 浮现/出现权利,权力 经过,通过 思维/思想
修辞举要 1.夸张2.仿词
第六课 鹤
词语例释 加以相当否
同义词辨析 往往/常常遭受/遭遇原因/理由渡过,度过
词语说明 单音节词在现代汉语书面语中的运用
修辞举要 对偶
第七课 快乐之源
词语例释 于明明可见
同义词辨析 到底,究竟彼此/互相欲望/愿望理想/幻想
修辞举要 1.比喻2.拟人
第八课 藏北牧民的自然崇拜
词语例释 是借不宜有待
同义词辨析 观念/观点 表达,表示 记录,记载
修辞举要 对比
第九课 教化的困惑
词语例释 乃(刊)有
同义词辨析 教化/教育/教养过程/进程/历程体验,体会
修辞举要 引用
第十课 酒公墓
词语例释 始终随即过于亦
同义词辨析 规矩,规定维持,保持观赏/欣赏
修辞举要 双关
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