Times: Newspaper Reading Course of Advanced Chinese (1)

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Page: 184
Publication Date: 01/2011
ISBN: 7561926022,9787561926024
Reading Chinese Newspapers, Getting to Know Today's China

This is a series of Chinese newspaper reading textbooks designed specifically for international students in China. It can help learners with intermediate Chinese proficiency rapidly improve their ability to read Chinese newspapers and their Chinese proficiency as a whole. The series contains two volumes. The 12 lessons in each volume are divided into three units and each unit is provided with a unit review.

This series is compiled on the basis of profound researches and practices in the field of teaching Chinese newspaper reading, using language materials selected from newspapers in recent years and highlighting the features of Chinese newspaper reading course. The topics are up-to-date and international; the same topic is discussed from different perspectives; and special attention is paid to the teaching of idioms, journalistic sentence patterns, learned words often used in newspapers and many other features of newspaper language.

Volume One includes three units: the unit of environmental protection (encompassing topics like climate changes, biological diversity, green living and environment-friendly industries); the unit of cultural inheritance (encompassing topics like museum culture, intangible cultural heritage, world heritage and traditional Chinese medicinal culture); and the unit of New Lifestyle (encompassing topics like career, Internet, body building and travelling). Each unit has an introductory topic illustration and key words, and each lesson includes five newspaper articles and abundant exercises. Provided in the appendices is an idiom index, a list of journalistic sentence patterns in all the lessons, the learned words often used in newspapers and their examples in the lessons as well as the reference answers to the exercises.
Table of Contents
第一课 气候变化
第二课 生物多样性
第三课 绿色生活
第四课 环保产业
第五课 博物馆文化
第六课 非物质文化遗产
第七课 世界遗产
第八课 中医文化
第九课 职场生态
第十课 网络时代
第十一课 健身时代
第十二课 “驴”行天下
附录1 成语索引
附录2 中文报刊新闻句式
附录3 报刊常用文言词
附录4 练习参考答案
Times: Newspaper Reading Course of Advanced Chinese (1)