Learn Chinese with Me Vol 3: Workbook

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Page: 153
Publication Date: 11/2003
ISBN: 9787107182297

This workbook, in coordination with Learn Chinese with Me Student's Book 3, consists of exercises suitable for both homework and classwork alike. There are altogether six units, each of which contains four lessons, with a total of 24 lessons in all. There are eight to ten exercises in each lesson. The exercises test the students’ knowledge of pinyin, Chinese characters, vocabulary, sentence patterns, etc. The students that this book is intended for have already acquired a certain level of Chinese. Therefore, when compiling these exercises we have kept in mind the following principles:

1.Vocabulary: In accordance with the textbook, an exercise if provided that focuses on the recognition and pronunciation of the vocabulary introduced in the lesson. In this exercise the students are required to choose the correct Pinyin for the given words and be able to write important characters and words. They are also required to translate the English words into Chinese and vice versa. Unlike Workbook 1 there are no more exercises on sound discrimination or tone practice.

2.Chinese characters: This workbook, in accordance with the textbook, emphasizes the basic structures, common components, basic strokes and stroke order of Chinese characters. There is one such exercise in each unit, thus six in all.

3. This workbook tried to make the exercise interesting, when the knowledge of Chinese Language has been compiled in an integrated and systematical way.

Table of Contents
Unit One  Meiyun’s Family
1 她从香港来
2 我家的厨房
3 弟弟的宠物
4 这个城市跟香港很不一样
Unit Two  Leisure Time
5 我也想到中国去
6 我喜欢京剧的脸谱
7 昨晚我只睡了4个小时
8 我的网友
Unit Three  Two Generations
9 我很烦
10 男孩儿和女孩儿
11 我该怎么办
12 望子成龙
Unit Four  Different Cultures
13 婚礼的“颜色”
14 不同的节日,同样的祝贺
15 你更喜欢吃哪一种菜
16 什么礼物最吉利
Unit Five  Diet and Health
17 我把菜谱带来了
18 一次体检
19 妈妈减肥
20 胖子和瘦子
Unit Six  Transportation and Geography
21 这里的环境太糟糕了
22 喂,您不能在这里停车
23 机票多少钱一张
24 谁破坏了我们的家
Learn Chinese with Me Vol 3: Workbook