Folk Customs Stories

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Chinese classic stories have inherited and passed on the abundant historic treasury of the Chinese nation that has been accumulated over several thousand years, mirroring the politics, military affairs, culture, folk customs, prevailing moral practices, ideals and interests of ancient China. Through those stories, people can gain an understanding of China's long history and achieve an insight into the profound historical origins of Chinese culture. We have identified stories from the vast number of Chinese classic stories, and complied them into this collection. All stories are illustrated in concise words and expressions, and vivid pictures, which will help the process of reading enjoyable. The series of Classic Stories of China comprises nine books: Scenic Spots Stories, History Stories, Myths Stories, Wisdom Stories, Folk Customs Stories, Ancient Fables, Folk Tales, Idiom Stories, Drama Stories. May those books be your good teacher and helpful friends in learning Chinese culture.

Table of Contents
The Agricultural Calendar and the 24 Solar
Laba Festival
Spring Festival (I)
Spring Festival (II)
Lantern Festival
Pure Brightness Festival
Dragon Boat Festival
Double Seventh Festival
Mid-Autumn Festival
Double Ninth Festival
12 Chinese Zodiac Signs
Modest and Tasteful Zhongshan Suit
No Food Is Better Than Jiaozi
Beancurd - Make the Best of Mistake
“Mendang Hudui”: Interesting Words and
Full Month Party and Grabbing Test
Birthday Celebration and Longevity
Red Veil
Double Happiness
Burning Paper Money
Implications of Colors
Connotation of Numbers
Gods of Blessing, Prosperity, Longevity,
Happiness and Wealth
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Folk Customs Stories