Chinese Red: Ci - Poems of the Song Dynasty

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The book introduces the cultural environment, themes, classification of Ci-poems and extracts brief introduction of famous poets and their representative poems in the Song Dynasty. We look forward to appreciating them with readers together.
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Sample pages of Chinese Red: Ci - Poems of the Song Dynasty (ISBN:754612719X,9787546127194) 

Sample pages of Chinese Red: Ci - Poems of the Song Dynasty (ISBN:754612719X,9787546127194) 

By the Song Dynasty,the nomadic ethnic groups originated from the northeast area of China started to expand.They learnt and accepted the advanced management system of Han people,unified each separated tribes and gradually occupied the whole massive land in the north.They successively established the Liao Dynasty (Khitan)(907-1125) and Jin Dynasty (Kin) (1115-1234),becoming a severe threat to the Song Dynasty.At last,the Kins overturned the Liao Dynasty and occupied the capital city of the Song Dynasty,captured two emperors as well as most royal members and crucial officials.The only remaining royal lineage,the ninth prince Zhao Gou fortunately escaped to the south and rebuilt the authority at Lin'an (present Hangzhou,Zhejiang Province),called the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279).And the precedent one is called the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). 
Emperors of the Southern Song Dynasty were satisfied huddling up in the south and bowed to the violence of the Kins.They pied for a temporary peace by paying a great amount of tributes including gold,silver,jewelry,silk and porcelains,etc.And the principle of valuing the civil officials while despising the military officials was still emphasized in the courtyard,which directly led to the vulnerability on the military.And people living in the border areas were often harassed by the Kins and Dali State (in present Yunnan Province).The political situation was still in turmoil.
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Chinese Red: Ci - Poems of the Song Dynasty