China Statistical Yearbook on Construction 2015

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"China Statistical Yearbook on Construction 2015" is a comprehensive reflection of authoritative information on Chinese construction industry developments. The book collection of national and provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities statistics on the construction industry development 2014. "China Statistical Yearbook on Construction 2015" data formed directly from the 2014 National Construction Statistics reports Primary database processing. To ensure this yearbook data with historical data comparability, scope Construction Statistics Yearbook are all independent accounting of construction enterprises with qualification certificates. These include: general contracting construction enterprises, professional contracting construction enterprises and construction labor subcontracting enterprises. The yearbooks are divided into five parts: First, comprehensive; Second, grouped by the type of economic construction enterprises; Third, the central and local construction enterprises; Fourth, grouped by level of qualification of construction enterprises; Fifth, the construction industry enterprise. Choreography every part of the information, according to the system and the actual job requirements, not only by economic type of packet, but also by industry grouping. In each packet and were set up to reflect construction output for various uses building construction area, technical equipment, paid-in capital, assets and liabilities, profits and taxes and other aspects of type table. Note that when using this yearbooks following: 1. Statistical data in this yearbook information in addition to the fourth part outside, not including construction labor subcontracting enterprise data. 2. The yearbooks are the totals do not add up due to rounding equal reason. 3. The information provided by the National Bureau of Statistics Yearbook of Fixed Assets Investment Statistics Division and is responsible for interpretation. (for reference only)
China Statistical Yearbook on Construction 2015