China Statistical Yearbook on Construction 2009

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"China Construction Statistical Yearbook -2009" is a fully reflect the development of the authority of the Chinese construction industry information. Book collection of national and provincial, autonomous regional and municipal development in 2008 related to the construction industry statistics. "China Construction Statistical Yearbook -2009" data directly from the 2008 National Construction Statistics reports the formation of primary database processing. To ensure that the information in this book and the comparability of historical data, the 2008 Statistical Yearbook of the scope of the construction industry is a level of qualification of all construction enterprises with independent accounting. Including: general contracting construction companies, professional services sub-contracted construction companies and construction companies. Information in this book is divided into five parts: first, synthesis; 2, grouped by economic type of construction enterprises; 3, the central and local construction enterprises; four groups according to level of qualification of construction enterprises; 5, the construction industry enterprise. Each part of the presentation of information, according to the system and actual job requirements, both by economic type groups, but also by industry grouping. Also in the group were set reflected in the construction industry output value, a variety of applications completed area of housing construction, technical equipment, paid-in capital, assets and liabilities, profits and taxes and other aspects of the table style.
Table of Contents
A comprehensive
About 1-1 years the construction industry
Construction output value of the area 1-2 years
Regional value added of construction 1-3 years
1-4 years of Construction Enterprises by Region total profits and taxes
1-5 years construction industry in various regions Labor productivity
1-6 years of Construction Enterprises by Region total profit
1-7 by type of construction enterprise economy the main economic indicators
1-8 Construction Enterprises completion of major economic indicators
1-9 of Construction Company a contract case
1-10 of Construction Company Contracted Projects
1-11 Gross Output Value of Construction and completion of production
Construction Enterprises by Region 1-12 Floor Space of Buildings
1-13 sub-regions of the principal purposes of the construction company Building Completed
1-14 sub-regions used by major construction enterprise value of Buildings Completed
1-15 of Construction Enterprises Construction Equipment case
1-16 of Construction Enterprise Building materials consumption
1-17 of Construction Major Economic efficiency indicators
1-18 turnover of Construction Enterprises by Region
1-19 constitute assets of Construction Enterprises by Region
1-20 Construction Enterprises by Region liquid assets, intangible and deferred assets
1-21 of Fixed Assets of Construction Enterprises by Region
1-22 Construction Enterprises by Region liabilities and equity
1-23 of Construction Enterprises paid-in capital
1-24 income of Construction Enterprises by Region
Cost of Construction Enterprises by Region 1-25 cases
1-26 regional construction company profits and tax case
1-27 of Construction Engineering section and corporate business accounts receivable losses
Construction Enterprises by Region 1-28 Main economic indicators
Second, by Type of construction enterprise grouping
2-1 regional state-owned construction enterprises contracted case
2-2 regional state-owned construction enterprises Contracted Projects
2-3 regional state-owned construction and completion of gross output value
2-4 regional housing construction area of state-owned construction enterprises
2-5 The use of sub-regions by major state-owned construction enterprises Building Completed
2-6 sub-regions used by major state-owned construction enterprise value of Buildings Completed
2-7 regional state-owned construction enterprises of construction machinery and equipment in
Third, the central and local construction companies
4, grouped by level of qualification of construction enterprises
5, the construction enterprise sectors
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China Statistical Yearbook on Construction 2009