Building Blocks for Learning Chinese Characters CD-ROM 2

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Magical Chinese Characters - Building Blocks for Leaning
Chinese Characters is one of the series of EazyChinese textbooks. A
total of 308 Chinese character building blocks, 2000 characters and even
more words and phrases are introduced in the textbook in a relaxed and
lively manner. A great number of Chinese characters that the students
have learned reappear in the rhythmical texts, which is helpful for them
to master the characters in a short time. This multimedia CD-ROM is
based on the textbook and features colorful interfaces, animated
cartoons and easy operation. It attracts the attention of students and
arouses their interest in learning. In addition, the CD-ROM provides a
large number of interactive supplementary exercises that make learning
fun and effective. This multimedia product can be used as a
supplementary material for teaching Chinese in both international
schools in China and Chinese language schools overseas or self-learning
at home.
Building Blocks for Learning Chinese Characters CD-ROM 2