China's Cultural Relics - Culture China Series (Ebook)

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Author: Li Li;
Language: English
Format: 1 book
Page: 164
Publication Date: 09/2004
ISBN: 9787508504568

Part of the educational and beautifully produced Cultural China Series, this book focuses on the cultural relics which remain of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It gives a brief account of the 12 types of relics unearthed in China so far, and discusses them as representative objects which provide a glimpse into China's past. In vivid color, with illustrations and photographs accompanying the text throughout.

Table of Contents
1 Painted Pottery
2 lade Artifacts
3 Bronze Ware
4 Figurines
5 Mausoleum Sculptures of Stone
6 Tomb Carvings and Murals
7 Grotto Temples and Formative
Art of Buddhism
8 Gold and Silver Artifacts
9 Porcelain
10 Furniture
11 Lacquer Works
12 Arts and Crafts
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China's Cultural Relics - Culture China Series (Ebook)