Hip Hop Land: Song Collection with 1 CD

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Learn to speak Chinese by singing & chanting!Learn to write Characters by drawing pictures!Over 60 fun songs and interesting activities to get started in Chinese.
Hip Hop Land is a graded series of Mandarin textbooks for children 3 years and up - both heritage and non-heritage learners, This series comprises 7 books:Pinyin Pastimes: 1, 2, 3 and 4,Lively bilingual chants and active songs with rhyming lyrics help children learn pronunciation easily and naturally,Highly attractive and colorful illustrations are designed to help children learn words easily,Creative Chinese: Lower and Upper,Combines Chinese characters and children's drawings to effect a practical curriculum, facilitating learning writing step by step,ncludes essential vocabulary words for this age group,Systematic introduction of basic radicals and various character components makes learning that much easier,Hip Hop Song Collection,60 creatively designed songs and chants for learning Mandarin make for a well-rounded collection of materials,Well coordinated interplay between music and pronunciation make speaking as easy as staging a song,Students who complete this series will have acquired a vocabulary of around 600 words and phrases, including proper pronunciation and the ability to manipulate basic sentence patterns - all designed for the very young learner.
Table of Contents
1 字
1.谜A Riddle

2 字
2.拜年New Year Greetings
3.春节Spring Festival
4.大头Big Head
5.春雨Spring Rain
7.你早Good Morning

3 字
9.地球人GIobal Person
10.八哥鸟The Chatty Myna
11.笔顺歌The Stroke Orders
12.数到五Counting to Five
13.大飞机The Big Airplane
14.端午节Dragon Boat Festival
15.几年级?What Grade Are You In?
16.静夜思Reflecting During the Quiet Evening
17.开学了School ls Starting
18.请帮我Please Help Me
19.可以吗?May I,PIease?
20.三轮车The Rickshaw
21.上课了Class Begins
22.圣诞树Christmas Tree
23.十枝花Branches of Flowers
24.停看听Stop, Look, Listen
25.小金鱼L-ttIe GoIdfish
26.洗干净Washing Up
27.小猫咪Little Kitten
28.小星星Little Stars
29.新年到Happy NewYear
30.祝福你Bless You
31.学说话Learning to Speak
32.中秋节Moon Festival

4 字
34.爱护动物We LoVeAnimals
36.唱出春天Welcoming Springtime with Singing
37.剪剪指甲Cutting Finger N aIls
38.吃得健康Eat Healthily
39.新年恭喜Congratulations for New Year
5 字
6 字
7 字
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Sample pages of Hip Hop Land: Song Collection with 1 CD (ISBN:9787100087384, 7100087384)

Sample pages of Hip Hop Land: Song Collection with 1 CD (ISBN:9787100087384, 7100087384)
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Hip Hop Land: Song Collection with 1 CD