Collected Works of J. R. Martin Volume 7 Language in Education

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Author: J.R. Martin;
Page: 465
Publication Date: 04/2012
ISBN: 9787313077592
Table of Contents
The Author's Introduction 
The Ontogenesis of Written Genre (with John Rothery) (1981) 
Systemic Functional Linguistics and an Understanding of 
Written Text (1984) 
What a Functional Approach to the Writing Task Can Show Teachers 
about "Good Writing" (with John Rothery) (1986) 
Intervening in the Process of Writing Development (1986) 
Genre and Literacy: Modeling Context in Educational Linguistics(1993) 
In/visible Education: Class, Gender and Pedagogy in Educating Rita and Dead Poets Society (with Anne Cranny—Francis) (1994) 
Linguistics and the Consumer: The Practice of Theory (1997) 
Mentoring Semogenesis: "Genre—based" Literacy Pedagogy (1999) 
Grammar Meets Genre: Reflections on the "Sydney School" (2000) 
Designing Literacy Pedagogy: Scaffolding Asymmetries (with David Rose)(2005) 
Metadiscourse: Designing Interaction in Genre—based Literacy Programs 
Interacting with Text: The Role of Dialogue in Learning to Read and Write (with David Rose) (2007) 
Genre and Language Learning: A Social Semiotic Perspective (2009) 
Historical Cosmologies. Epistemology and Axiology in Australian 
Secondary School History (with K. Maton & E. Matruglio) (2010) 
Writing and Genre Studies 
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Collected Works of J. R. Martin Volume 7 Language in Education