Collected Works of J. R. Martin Volume 6 CDA/PDA

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Table of Contents
The Author's Introduction 
Grammaticalising Ecology:The Politics of Baby Seals and Kangaroos(1986) 
Language and Control:Fighting with Words (1990) 
Contratextuality:The Poetics of Subversion (with Anne Cranny—Francis)(1991) 
Close Reading:Functional Linguistics as a Tool for Critical Discourse Analysis (2000) 
Mapping Meaning:Profiling with Integrity in a Post—Modern World(with Robert McCormack 2001) 
Blessed are the Peacemakers: Reconciliation and Evaluation(2002) 
Voicing the'Other':Reading and Writing Indigenous Australians(2003) 
Negotiating Difference:Ideology and Reconciliation (2004) 
Positive Discourse Analysis:Solidarity and Change (2004) 
Vernacular Deconstruction:Undermining Spin(2006) 
English for Peace:Towards a Framework of Peace Sociolinguistics: 
Materializing Reconciliation:Negotiating Difference in a Transcolonial Exhibition (with Maree Stenglin) (2007) 
Encounters with Genre:Apprehending Cultural Frontiers (with David Rose 2010) 
Recontextualising Indigenous Culture:Genres, Interests and Multimodal Affordances (with David Rose)(in press) 
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Collected Works of J. R. Martin Volume 6 CDA/PDA