Henan Statistical Yearbook 2014

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"Henan Statistical Yearbook 2014" is a fully reflect the economic and social development in Henan annual informative. This book contains the various aspects of the province and the municipalities (counties) in 2013 and the years in the history of economic and social lot of statistical data, and a collection of national and provincial area in 2013 mainly statistics.
"Statistical Yearbook 2014 Henan" The book is divided into 30 parts, namely, an administrative division and natural resources; 2, integrated; 3, national accounts; 4, population; 5, Employment and Wages; 6, fixed assets investment; 7, foreign trade and tourism; 8, energy; 9, finance; 10, prices; 11, people's lives; 12, city profiles; 13, agriculture; 14 industry; 15, construction; 16, transportation, warehousing postal industry; 17, information transmission, software and IT services; 18, wholesale and retail trade, accommodation and catering; 19, the financial sector; 20, real estate; 21, renting and business services; 22 scientific research and technical services; 23, water conservancy, environment and public facilities management; 24, resident services, repairs and other services; 25 education; 26, health and social work; 27, cultural, sports and entertainment; 28, public management, social security and social organizations; 29 counties (cities) main Statistical Indicators; 30 provinces and cities nationwide and the major statistical indicators zone. Before there is a brief description of each chapter, not yesterday with "Main Statistical Indicators."
The yearbook sources of information, mostly from the annual statistical reports, some from sample surveys.
The units of measurement used are internationally standard measurement units.
The yearbook data calculation error count or total due to rounding relative number generated are not adjusted.
The yearbook each table, related to the whole table notes are at the top of the table, on the table, some indicators of notes in the table below. Where the band CONTINUED information on the part of the footnotes are at the end of a renewal of the table below.
Henan Statistical Yearbook 2014