Ten Level Chinese (Level 2): Integrated Textbook - Textbook

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For Elementary, Intermediate learner
This is the Integrated Textbook of Level 2 of Ten Level Chinese series, containing 20 lessons in total.
Following Integrated Textbook of Level 1, this book completes the teaching of the second cycle of the basic Chinese grammar; exercises on phonetics are provided and the knowledge of tone is gradually introduced; in teaching the characters, the emphasis is on "characters to read and write" and "characters to recognize and read", with the former limited to a number less than 20. The design of texts and arrangement of exercises are basically the same as level 1.

Ten Level Chinese was compiled by Chinese teachers from the International Cultural Exchange School of Fudan University. The three chief editors: Wu Zhongwei, Gao Shunquan and Tao Lian are the experienced teachers in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.
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Ten Level Chinese (Level 2): Integrated Textbook - Textbook