Essential College Chinese (Book 1)

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Level: Beginner

College ,Adults

About the Author
John Jing-hua Yin, Ph.D. of foreign language education and Chinese lifelong professor, has taught at Chinese Summer SchoolinMiddlebury College, University of Oregon, and College of William and Mary in the USA. Since 1997 till now, he has been teaching at the University of Vermont in the USA. In 2008, he publishedPractical RhythmicChineseat the FLTRP.
Diana Yiqing Sun, master of education and senior Chinese lecturer, has taught at Middlebury Summer School in the USA., Washington University in St. Louis, and Burlington School District in the State of Vermont. Since 2000 till now, she has been teaching at the University of Vermont in the USA.

In accordance with the salient features and regularities of the Chinese language, this book strives to adhere to the spirit of “foreign used by the Chinese, ancient by today’s”. Aiming at the two major difficulties of Chinese characters and tones, it adopts the methods 1) to further Chinese language learning with basic and solid combined knowledge and skills in speaking and writing; 2) to master Chinese sounds, tones, words, and sentences through rhythmic verses” to lay a solid foundation for the key skills of Chinese language.The book is rich in supporting resources. Scanning the QR code of each lesson can download the recordings of this lesson (slow speed, normal speed and rhythmic recitation) and Chinese character writing sheet. There is also a “word card” software for students to read and test Chinese characters after class. At the same time, it also provides a variety of free supporting resources for teachers.
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Essential College Chinese (Book 1)