Experiencing Chinese Oral Course 5 (with audios)

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Author: Chen Zuohong; Zhao Yonghong;
Page: 203
Publication Date: 11/2012
ISBN: 7040346613, 9787040346619
Publisher: Higher Education Publishing House
Series: Experiencing Chinese Oral Course

Experiencing Chinese Oral Course is compiled by the references of The Teaching Outline for the Foreign Students of Chinese Majors of Higher Education Institutions (Long-term learning) and International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education. This series is guided by the Experiencing teaching theory to make students learn Chinese through using Chinese, which also make use of the advantages of task-based language teaching and learning. It designs class activities of meaning-centered and promotes interaction and intercommunication in class. Experiencing Chinese Oral Course consists of 8 books. Each lesson contains 2 to 3 objectives and 4 to 5 texts within one theme, which is suitable for 6 to 8 teaching hours.

Table of Contents

第1课 我们一起去吃饭吧 
第2课 我想租房 
第3课 就买这件吧 
第4课 网络的功能真强大 
第5课 交通印象 
第6课 看什么都新鲜 
第7课 给你介绍一个好地方 
第8课 我的爱好挺多的 
第9课 他在中国很有名 
第10课 难忘的经历 
第11课 这狗真漂亮 
第12课 二十四,扫房子 
第13课 这就是最好的礼物 
第14课 聊聊健康生活 
第15课 这个工作好特别 

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Experiencing Chinese Oral Course 5 (with audios)