Experiencing Chinese Oral Course 3 (with audios)

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Experiencing Chinese Oral Course is suitable for long term learning. It is compiled by the references of The Teaching Outline for the Foreign Students of Chinese Majors of Higher Education Institutions (Long-term learning) and International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education. This series is guided by the Experiencing teaching theory to make students learn Chinese through using Chinese, which also make use of the advantages of task-based language teaching and learning. It designs class activities of meaning-centered and promotes interaction and intercommunication in class. Experiencing Chinese Oral Course consists of 8 books, each of which has 18 lessons and 2 to 4 review lessons. Each lesson contains 2 to 3 objectives and 4 to 5 texts within one theme, which is suitable for 6 to 8 teaching hours.
Table of Contents
Lesson 1 欢迎你们!
Lesson 2 太小了,有大一点儿的吗?
Lesson 3 太咸了
Lesson 4 你现在在哪儿?
Lesson 5 我上错车了
Lesson 6 能帮我找找吗?

Review 1
Lesson 7 真抱歉
Lesson 8 我可以换一个房间吗?
Lesson 9 你的房间一定很漂亮
Lesson 10 我的朋友病了
Lesson 11 我要理发
Lesson 12 我边学边忘

Review 2
Lesson 13 我最爱唱歌了
Lesson 14 你怎么又来晚了?
Lesson 15 天气和季节
Lesson 16 我的家乡
Lesson 17 黑头发大眼睛
Lesson 18 圣诞节快到了!

Review 3

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Experiencing Chinese Oral Course 3 (with audios)