Dr. Zhou'S Rhymes for Learning Chinese Book 3 (with MP3)

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Table of Contents
1. 一天又一天 (Day After Day) 
2. 天天有收获 (Every Day Achievements) 
3. 钟点歌 (The Daily Routine) 
4. 过年真热闹!(New Year's Day) 
5. 节日歌 (The Festival Song) 
6. 节日吃什么?(The Festival Food Song) 
7. 中国茶 (Chinese Tea) 
8. 生活歌 (Daily Activities) 
9. 活动歌 (The Activity Rhyme) 
10. 你在做什么?(What Are You Doing?) 
11. 我喜欢看书 (I Like Reading) 
12. 放风筝 (Flying Kites) 
13. 排队歌 (Line Up Quickly) 
14. 方位歌(The Position Song) 
15. 住房歌 (The Home Song) 
16. 你在客厅做什么?(What Are You Doing In The Lounge?) 
17. 家电歌 (Electric Gadgets) 
18. 我的衣服 (My Clothes) 
19. 颜色歌 (The Colour Song) 
20. 服装歌(The Fashion Rhyme) 
21. 这件衣服怎么样?(How About These Clothes?) 
22. 真糟糕!(Really Bad!) 
23. 购物歌 (The Shopping Rhyme) 
24. 水果歌 (The Fruit Rhyme) 
25. 多吃水果身体好(Fruit Is Good for You) 
26. 水果怎么卖?(How Do You Sell Fruit?) 
27. 甜不甜?(Sweet Or Not?) 
28. 去书店(Let's Go To The Bookstore) 
29. 一共多少钱?(How Much Is It Altogether?) 
30. 你家住哪里?(Where Does Your Family Live?) 
31. 你在哪儿工作?(Where Do You Work?) 
32. 称呼歌 (Kinship Terms) 
33. 朋友来电话(A Call From A Friend) 
34. 我想请你去吃饭(I Would Like to Invite You to a Dinner) 
35. 今天谁点菜?(Who will Order the Dishes Today?) 
Dr. Zhou'S Rhymes for Learning Chinese Book 3 (with MP3)