"Painting" Chinese Characters in Homonym

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This book aims at introducing an unique phenomenon of homonym in Chinese character teaching. The concept of "homophonic painting" is explained from the view of linguistics, so such visual arts with integration of Chinese culture, language and painting brings another new learning perspective for Chinese as foreign language learning, so people can learn with pleasure. Chinese ""word and word"" homophonic phenomenon is purely accidental in linguistics, there is no necessary relation between homophonic words in meaning . However, Chinese artists have skillfully and appropriately utilized such accidental phonetically phenomenon to make a meaningful conversion of two unrelated Chinese characters through homonym. Through correspondence between ""homophonic image"" and ""homophonic Chinese characters"" the painter intends to convey ideas and information through painting. Homophonic pictures have unique charm since homophonic phenomenon is best used to make a perfect integration of Chinese language, culture and painting. This book is printed in four-color with illustrations. When interpretation some Chinese characters unique homophonic phenomenon, related traditional Chinese paintings to the character is presented to display a perfect show of text and painting. It is hoped in the book to open the door to the homonym of ""Character's sound and painting's meaning"", so foreign students are able to appreciate such homophonic calligraphy art world, then this visual art is taken as a language teaching assistance to be applied to the teaching of Chinese as a second language, so that more international fans of Chinese culture and language come to know and understand this traditional Chinese art.
Table of Contents
第一章 “谐音字画”概论
第二章 谐音字与谐音图像
第三章 款题种类
第四章 谐音字画的两种表达方式
第五章 解读谐音字画的基本步骤
第六章 谐音字画“音”、“象”、“意”的特征
第七章 谐音字画引入汉语二语教学

第一章 百
第二章 福
第三章 利
第四章 吉
第五章 路
第六章 喜
第七章 仙
第八章 安
第九章 清
第十章 年
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Sample pages of "Painting" Chinese Characters in Homonym (ISBN:9787301197370,7301197373)

Sample pages of "Painting" Chinese Characters in Homonym (ISBN:9787301197370,7301197373)
"Painting" Chinese Characters in Homonym