Help From Chinese Medicine:Arthritis

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Clear explanations of the basics of Chinese medical theory,Step-by-step guide to what treatment with Chinese medicine involves,Lifestyle instructions on diet, exercise, and at home therapies,Introduction to the various therapies used in Chinese medicine such as acupuncture,herbal medicine, tuina (massage) and others,Clear writing and informative illustrations make it easy to grasp.For patients with arthritis, Chinese medicine can provide extraordinary results. Not only can it improve symptoms, but it may help to reduce or even eliminate the rteed for pharmaceuticals. It is our hope that this book will help you to take the first steps to wardsa new and better way of looking at your health.
About the Author
Wang Hai-long holds a doctor's degree from the China Academy of Chinese medical Sciences. He works at Guang'anmen Hospital, which is affiliated to the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. He specializes in the umatic disorders and diseases of the immune system. He is presently engaged in research on the application of classical theories in the treatment of the umatic disorders and other diseases of internal medicine.
Carl Stimson holds a master's degree in Oriental Medicine from World Medicine Institute in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is currently practicing Chinese medicine in Boston, Massachusetts.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Why Chinese Medicine ?
Chapter 2 How Does Chinese Medicine Understand Arthritis ?
Introduction to Chinese Medicine
Two Key Concepts in Chinese Medicine
2.Yin - Yang Arthritis in Chinese Medicine
Chapter 3 How Can Arthritis Be Prevented?
1.Essentials of Chinese Dietary Theory
2.Specifics and Recipes for Arthritis
3.Everyday Eating
1.What Kinds of Exercises Are Helpful ?
2.Qi Gong and Tai Ji 
3.Translated Research
Chapter 4 How Does Chinese Medicine Manage Arthritis?
Acupuncture and Moxibustion
1.What Is Acupuncture and Moxibustion ?
2.What Will Treatment Be Like ?
3.Translated Research
Chinese Medicinals
1.What Are Chinese Medicinals ?
2.What Will Treatment Be Like ?
3.Translated Research
TuiNa (Massage)
1.What Is Tui Na ?
2.What Will Treatment Be Like ?
3.At-home Massage
4.Translated Research
Chapter 5 Case Histories
1.Basic Biomedica Disease Information
2.Additional Reading Material
3.How to Find a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine ?
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Sample pages of Help From Chinese Medicine:Arthritis (ISBN:9787117105484)
Sample pages of Help From Chinese Medicine:Arthritis (ISBN:9787117105484)
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Help From Chinese Medicine:Arthritis