Heat-Sensitive Moxibustion (2nd Edition)

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Author: Chen Rixin; Chen Yanjun; Cao Ying; ;
Language: English
Page: 349
Publication Date: 08/2019
ISBN: 9787117286312
Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Theory
1 What Are Acupoints?
2 What Is Heat Sensitization of Acupoints?
3 What Are the Characteristics and Principles of Sensitized
4 What Is Suspended Moxibustion?
5 What Are the Features of Suspended Moxibustion?
6 What Are the Indications of Suspended Moxibustion?
7 What Are the Moxibustion Sensations?
8 Relationship between HSM Sensations and Therapeutic
9 What Is HSM?
10 The Four Basic Rules of HSM

Chapter 2 Manipulation
1 Exploring for Heat-sensitive Acupoints
2 Principles of Point Selection in HSM
3 HSM Manipulations
4 Dosage in HSM
5 HSM Procedure
6 HSM Indications
7 Notes and Suggestions
8 HSM Treatment Flow

Chapter 3 Heat-sensitive Moxibustion Sensations
on Commonly Used Acupoints 3T
1 Acupoints on the Head and Nape
2 Acupoints on the Thorax and Abdomen
3 Acupoints on the Lower Back
4 Acupoints on the Upper Limbs
5 Acupoints on the Lower Limbs

Chapter 4 Treatment
1 Common Cold
2 Chronic Bronchitis
3 Bronchial Asthma
4 Peptic Ulcer
5 Functional Dyspepsia
6 Irritable Bowel Syndrome
7 Functional Constipation
8 Primary Dysmenorrhea
9 Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
10 Impotence
11 Chronic Prostatitis
12 Migraine
13 Facial Paralysis
14 Trigeminal Neuralgia
15 Facial Spasm
16 Occipital Neuralgia
17 Post-herpetic Neuralgia
18 Ischemic Stroke
19 Insomnia
20 Allergic Rhinitis
21 Urticaria
22 Cervical Spondylopathy
23 Prolapsed Lumbar Intervertebral Disc
24 Scapulohumeral Periathritis
25 Osteoarthritis of the Knee Joint
26 Myofascial Pain
27 Tennis Elbow

Chapter 5 Health Maintenance
1 Health Maintenance for the Brain
2 Health Maintenance for Sleep
3 Health Maintenance for the Neck
4 Health Maintenance for the Low Back
5 Health Maintenance for the Knees
6 Health Maintenance for the Prostate
7 Health Maintenance for Male Sexual Function
8 Health Maintenance for the Ovaries
9 Health Maintenance for the Breasts
10 Health Maintenance for the Digestive Tract
11 Health Maintenance for the Intestines
12 Health Maintenance for the Heart
13 Health Maintenance for Blood Lipids
14 Health Maintenance for Blood Pressure
15 Health Maintenance for Blood Glucose
Appendix: Classic Titles
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