An Illustrated Guide To Guasha Therapy

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  • Author: Zhang Xiuqing;
  • Language: English, Chinese
  • Page: 177
  • Publication Date: 12/2012
  • ISBN: 9787200093704
  • Publisher: Beijing Publishing House
  • Sample Pages: PDF Download
Guasha, often referred to as scraping therapy, is a bright pearl in the treasure trove that is Chinese medicine. It has survived for thousands of years because of its valuable ability to treat internal diseases with external methods, its easy-to-learn manipulations and its remarkable effects. Throughout the centuries, guasha therapy has played an important role in the prevention and treatment of disease. The development of modern technology, science and medicine have brought convenience and increased efficacy, but also more harmful side effects. Now that modern medical therapies are receiving more scrutiny, people have again welcomed guasha therapy. One should not be fooled by the simple manipulations of guasha, as its theoretical foundation is actually quite profound. In terms of direct contact, guasha is limited to the superficial skin, which is the body's largest organ. The functions of the skin are not limited to being the body's defensive barrier, it is involved in excretion, respiration, secretion and purification. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the meridians and acupuncture points in the skin and superficial layers are directly connected with the internal zang-fu organs. The scraping of the skin performed in guasha reveals diseased areas, while also unblocking the meridians and collateral, and promoting nerve conduction and blood circulation to improve the body's defense mechanisms. However, guasha therapy does not act on local diseases directly. Instead, it works by macro-regulation of the skin through the defense system to ensure the body's ability to self-regulate is sound. 

I have been engaged in the clinical practice, research and teaching of guasha for many years, through which I have found this therapy to be an important tool for exploring the body's innate ability to heal. We are often told we need to act to prevent the occurrence of unfavorable events, that it is better to prevent diseases from happening than to treat them after they arise. One of the most effective, economic and simplest means of both preventing and treating diseases is gusha. To better understand this brilliant pearl of the Chinese medical tradition, we have put in years of serious research to consolidate its medical foundation, explore its secrets, refine our understanding of its effects, and apply biological and bolographic theories to develop new methods. With this foundation, we can say with confidence that simple and moderate scraping of the skin with a small guasha tool can treat many common diseases, reveal the body's state of health, prevent disease, and maintain youth and beauty with remarkable efficacy and without side effects. 

Returning to nature and maintaining health using Chinese medicine have been popular themes recently in society. I have been invited by many media outlets, including national broadcaster CCTV and several provincial satellite stations, to talk about holographic meridian guasha therapy. However, guasha's popularity is not limited to but has spread throughout the world. In October 1996, I attended the 31 st international conference on military medicine as a representative of the nay. I demonstrated how guasha be used to treat military training injuries through 10-minute scraping sessions. The audience of global military medical experts gasped in admiration at the near-instantaneous effect. Guasha therapy, long a treasure of China, soon be valued all over the world.

I have written this book to spread the benefits of guasha therapy to a wider population. I have tried to use plain language to condense profound and complicated medical theories into simple, and effective methods for preventing and treating disease, protecting health, and maintaining beauty. Inside are step-by-step instructions on self-diagnosis and basic manipulations. A medical background is not necessary to use guasha to treat common diseases in yourself and your family. Use guasha to scrape away disease, improve your appearance, maintain health and enhance family ties. I hope this book be a faithful companion on a life-long journey of health.
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Sample pages of An Illustrated Guide To Guasha Therapy (ISBN:9787200093704) 

Sample pages of An Illustrated Guide To Guasha Therapy (ISBN:9787200093704)
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An Illustrated Guide To Guasha Therapy