China Population and Employment Statistics Yearbook 2014

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First, the "China Population and Employment Statistics Yearbook -2014" is a country in order to fully reflect the demographic and employment-based annual statistical publication, a collection of major national and provincial data, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the employment statistics of the population, while the appendix of the World relevant data in some countries and regions.

Second, the National Bureau of Statistics Yearbook of Population and Employment Statistics Division edited, and with the Ministry of Public Security Bureau, support and assist the former National Population and Family Planning Commission of Development Planning and Information Division and other units.

Third, the Yearbook is divided into eight parts :( a) comprehensive data; (b) changes in the country's population in 2013 sample survey data; (c) 2013 the main labor force sample survey data; (d) 2013 employment statistics in urban units data; (e) 2013 national household Registration demographic data; (f) 2013 national Family Planning and Statistics population data; (seven) in some countries and regions of the world population and employment statistics; (viii) 2013 population and labor Force survey System changes Description and main Statistical Indicators.

Fourth, the survey point change in the national census in 2013 was at 0:00 on November 1, 2013. The survey in the country for the general to the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities for the second overall, stratified, multistage probability cluster sampling proportion in the country's 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the sample of 2122 counties (cities, districts) , 4413 township (town, street), 4799 survey of 112 million cells. By weighted aggregation, 2012 national birth rate was 12.10 ‰, the mortality rate was 7.15 ‰, the natural growth rate of 4.95 ‰. This calculation, the end of 2012 the total population of 135,404 people, births for 1635 people, deaths of 966 people, a net increase of population of 669 million people. In addition to the second part of the yearbook in Table 2-1 and Table 2-2, the rest of the tables in the absolute number of samples, several national sampling ratio is 0.831 ‰.

Fifth, the yearbook collection 2013 National Population changes in survey data (second part) and the 2013 National Household Registration demographic data (Part V), statistical methods and different caliber, please users attention when in use.

Six, the national statistical data related to the yearbook, do not include Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province.

Seven symbols for use:

Yearbook of the tables in the "space" indicates that the statistical indicators lack the minimal number of units, data are not available, or the absence of such data; "#" indicates the major items.

Eight, the yearbook in terms of finishing and presentation of information is inevitable shortcomings and sparse in error, please user correction.
China Population and Employment Statistics Yearbook 2014