Travelling the Silk-Road in China

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In the history of the world's ancient civilizations, the Silk Road had a far-reaching influence on the economic and cultural exchanges and development of countries along its path. The Silk Road is an overland trade route starting in Chang'an, an ancient Chinese capital city in the east, and ending in the Mediterranean region in the west. It transverses Asia and Europe, links together the countries with ancient civilizations of China, India, Egypt and Babylon.
Experts and scholars alike have compiled research and published this book, traveling the Silk Road in China, as a resource for domestic and overseas tourists. It provides information about tourist resources, attractions, and folk customs along the Silk Road as well as recognizing the cultural significance of this famous trade route. The book offers readers important information about the five northwest provinces and regions of China along the Silk Road and should serve as a must have guide worth reading and keeping.
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Travelling the Silk-Road in China