China's Culture

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Language: English
Page: 170
Publication Date: 03/2010
ISBN: 9787508512983
This book makes some brief summaries, introductions, explanations and
comments of the Chinese culture, including ideolog ethics,morali
political and religious ideas, economic thought and wealthideas,
customs, science and technology; education, literature and arts,etc.
China has a several-thousand history of civilization with brillianceand
glory Chinese culture is rich in content and heritage. Of the
fourancient civilizations in the world, only the Chinese civilization
hasnever encountered cultural discontinui The long-term continuationof
Chinese civilization has benefited from the three great openness
andintegration processes in history The whole China and even the
wholeworld have shared the Chinese civilization, which resulted from
thethree great openness and integration processes in Chinese history
Wefind a Chinese culture with a more modern charm is taking shape.
Table of Contents
Introverted and Open Cultural Identity
Chinese Thought
Virtues Upholding by Chinese
Political & Religious Concepts
The Concepts of Economy and Wealth
Ordinary Life & Custom
Science & Technology
Arts & Literature
China's Culture