Learning 1000 Practical Chinese Idioms

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"Having been teaching Chinese as a foreign language for several years, I find this book very helpful for students to teach themselves some popular Chinese idioms in reading and writing. To learn Chinese idioms on their own-it is very good ! "
——Ma Naiqiang, Senior TCFL teacher at Beijing University
"As a westerner who taught English to Chinese students in China for about 10 years, I wish I had had this book then. Not only would I have increased my knowledge ofidiomatic Chinese; I would have learnt many fascinating details ofCI-una' s history and culture. The alphabetical order makes it easy to find the phrase you want to understand. And the 'English Equivalent' phrases would have made great teaching material for classes of Chinese students preparing to live overseas-l would have taught one at every lesson. I strongly recommend this book to both students and teachers, ofEnglish and Chinese."
——Juliet Adams, ESOL and IELTS teacher in Tianjin
"Reading this book as a native speaker has immensely given me an inside look into parts ofChinese culture and language that my background as an American prohibits me from understanding. I think this book appropriately offers a simplified description ofmany ofthe phrases to help both those fluent in either English or Chinese and does a greatjob creating a bridge between the two languages and cultures. I am thoroughly impressed with the translation ofsome ofthe Chinese stories and can actually see myselfusing some of the terms myself once I gain a better understanding ofthe Chinese language. I recommend this book to English speakers attempting to learn and understand Chinese language and culture and for Chinese speakers attempting to learn English with the mindset of applying what they' re learning to an actual, verbal conversation. "
——Dashaun T. Gasque, ESOL teacher in Beijing and Shenzhen  B.A, in Psychology & Spanish, University ofNotre Dame, 2011

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Learning 1000 Practical Chinese Idioms