Intensive Training for HSK (Elementary-Intermediate): Grammar

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Usage Advice: Used for individual HSK preparation or HSK classes
Level: Intermediate, Chinese Teachers (TCSL)
This is a volume of Intensive Training for HSK (Elementary-Intermediate) series. It focuses on practicing grammar structure and includes 55 sets of exercises with answer keys attached at the end of this book. 
Referring to the authority exam outlines such as Outline of HSK Levels and Grammar, Outline of HSK Vocabulary and Chinese Character, Outline of HSK Vocabulary, etc, the compiler includes all the testing items in grammar. All the testing items have been designed with scrutiny to ensure they are scientific. The accurate grasp of test difficulty and scope helps the learners to improve their command of Chinese grammatical structure within a short period of time to make a good preparation for HSK.

About the Author
Li Luxing is an associate professor in the School of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Renmin University of China. He graduated from the Department of Chinese, Nankai University in 1986, and got his MA from the Institute of Language and Philology, Renmin University of China in 1991. From 1999 to 2000, he was a Chinese teacher in the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Durham; from 2006 till present, he taught Chinese in the Confucius Institute, University College Dublin. His main interests lie in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, modern Chinese character study, etc. He has compiled several Chinese textbooks including Chinese Fast Reading: A Step-by-step Approach, Fazhan Hanyu, Intensive Training for HSK, etc., and has published a number of papers and academic works including Brief Introduction to Modern Chinese Character Study, History of Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language in New China, Research on the Quality of Teachers Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and Training of TCFL Teachers, etc.
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Intensive Training for HSK (Elementary-Intermediate): Grammar