Introducing Functional Grammar (2nd Edition)

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Author: Geoff Thompson;
Language: English
Page: 300
Publication Date: 08/2008
ISBN: 9787560077482,756007748X
Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
Table of Contents
1 The purposes of linguistic analysis
2 Recognizing clauses and clause constituents
3 An overview of functional grammar
4 Interacting: the interpersonal metafunction
5 Representing the world: the experiential metafunction
6 Organizing the message: the textual metafunction - Theme
7 Organizing the message: the textual metafunction - cohesion
8 Clauses in combination
9 Grammatical metaphor
10 Implications and applications of functional grammar
Answers to exercises
Further reading
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Introducing Functional Grammar (2nd Edition)