Excel in Chinese: Better Chinese, Better Business 2 (with 1 MP3)

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Excel in Chinese: Better Chinese, Better Business, written by teachers in the Teaching and Resources Exploitation Base of International Business Chinese (Shanghai), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, is mainly for Chinese learners in business training programmes and focuses on the comprehensive study of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each lesson provides plenty of business settings centering on a relevant topic, which helps students acquire expressions in certain situations. It covers expressions from daily life, social communication and cultural exchanges relevant to business situations, commercial activities and economic subjects. Each volume has a different emphasis. The two texts in each lesson focus on the difference between written and oral Chinese. Moreover, the two texts introduce business knowledge by offering related business cases, which is a popular teaching method of foreign language teaching for specific purposes.

There are five volumes in this series. Each volume contains five units and each unit contains two lessons. Each lesson consists of two texts, which focus on the same business topic, aiming to enrich learners’ vocabulary and improve their ability to communicate on certain topics. Generally speaking, the first text requires intensive explanation and exercises in the class, while the second one can be used to integrate classroom teaching and self-study.

Table of Contents
第一单元 客户联络
第一课 订购真丝面料
第二课 请您参加产品推介会
第二单元 会见
第三课 拜访总裁
第四课 送别宴会
第三单元 出行
第五课 就“云南七日游”吧
第六课 有下午的航班吗?
第四单元 考察
第七课 贵公司规模不小吧?
第八课 这次展销会收获很大
第五单元 商务习俗
第九课 给商店起个好名字
第十课 恭喜发财
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Excel in Chinese: Better Chinese, Better Business 2 (with 1 MP3)