The Complete Works of Tao Yuanming

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我不践斯境, 还是很久以前来过此地,
岁月好已积。 岁月如流一晃又是多年。
晨夕看山川, 清晨和薄暮游观山水,
事事悉如昔。 眼中景物莫不依旧如前。
微雨洗高林, 微雨洗洁了参天的树木,
清飙矫云翮。 飞鸟在劲风中翱翔云天。
眷彼品物存, 一品一物都令人眷怀,
义风都未隔。 美好的风尚又得相延。
伊余何为者, 我奔波来此所为何事?
勉励从兹役。 辛劳困苦为官差所遣。
一形似有制, 身形虽已受到种种制约,
素襟不可易。 但本心决不会易辙改弦。
园田日梦想, 家乡的园田常出现在梦中,
安得久离析。 怎能忍受长年的离别思念。
终怀在归舟, 我最终的志向是归隐故居,
谅哉宜霜柏。 要学耐霜的松柏坚女不变。
少无适俗韵, 从小就无适应世俗的本领,
性本爱丘山。 天性只钟情于一丘一山。
误落尘网中, 谁知误入了尘世的罗网,
一去十三年。 奔走仕途转眼过了十三年。
羁鸟恋旧林, 笼中的小鸟眷恋旧时山林,
池鱼思故渊。 池中的鱼儿怀想昔日深潭。
开荒南野际, 生性愚拙的我终返故居,
守拙归园田。 喜欣欣开荒于山野之南。
方宅十馀亩, 住宅四周约有十余亩田土,
草屋八九问。 茅草盖成的房屋有八九间。
榆柳荫后檐, 榆树柳树在屋后一片浓荫,
桃李罗堂前。 桃李芬芳在堂前争奇斗艳。
暖暖远人村, 远处的村庄隐隐约约,
依依墟里烟。 不时升起了缕缕炊烟。
狗吠深巷中, 深巷中传来一声声狗吠。

The men and women ploughing the land
Would never idly watch and stand.
The women fed silkworms at night;
Men worked before the da3 was bright.
As the farming days are brief,
We' 11 miss the timely rain v, ith grief.
Ji Que did ploughing with his wife'
Zhangc u and Jienie farmed for life.
The men of virtue and renown
Would rend the crops and never frown.
How' can the men of common breed
Be loath to sow and plough and weed?
If people work hard all year round.
Their life will certainly abound.
If manx idle hours they spend.
What i- to hope for at year's end?
They'll have no grains for daily meals,
With thirst and hunger at their heels.
Should they have looked at other men,
How could they not be shameful then?
Confucius dwelt on moral code
And scorned Fan Xu. who ploughed and sowed.
Dong Zhongshu liked the lute and books,
Ignoring farm-work near the brooks.
If you can shun the world tike them.
Farm-work you may as well contemn.
In this case I will envy you
And say that I agree with you.

Here comes our guest, here comes our gue
Who rules o'er people without a rest.
Your service which is just and fair
Bestows bliss to people here and there.
You ollow truth with due respect
And isten to what is correct.
In ex er', sense my bosom friend.
So many days with me you spend
We chat together, see the sight
And all our worries take to flight.
Whene'er we meet. we dine and wine
L'nti we get drunk: it's so fine!
Pleased to have you as my tiiend
I hope for happier days we'll spend.
The Complete Works of Tao Yuanming