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The China Population and Employment Statistics Yearbook 2020 is an annual statistical publication that comprehensively reflects the population and employment situation of our country. It collects the main data of the employment statistics of the country and provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and appends some countries and Relevant data for the region. The China Population and Employment Statistics Yearbook 2020 is edited and compiled by the Department of Population and Employment Statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics. It has received strong support and assistance from the Public Security Administration of the Ministry of Public Security and the Planning and Information Department of the National Health and Family Planning Commission. The China Population and Employment Statistics Yearbook 2020 is divided into eight parts: (1) comprehensive data; (2) sample survey data of the national population change in 2019; (3) main data of the 2019 labor sample survey; Statistics on urban unit employment in 2019; (5) Population statistics of household registration statistics in 2019; (vi) Population data of national family planning statistics in 2019; (VII) Population and employment statistics of some countries and regions in the world; (8) 2018 Explanation of the annual population change and labor force survey system and explanation of the main statistical indicators.