Business Chinese Conversation (The Fourth Edition) Advanced Vol. 2

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Level: Advanced

College ,Adults

This is Book 2 of Business Chinese Conversation (Advanced) (4th Edition). Targeted at learners with advanced Chinese proficiency, this is a highly professional book focusing on business life. Apart from teaching Chinese for commodity science, it stresses the teaching of China's national conditions and business culture.
The book employs a language style of colloquial prose and shows features of spoken language textbooks in the design of exercises. Each lesson is divided into four parts: text, new words, notes, and exercises. The exercises fall into three sections: conversation practice based on the text; vocabulary practice, Q & A, and discussions; reading an essay, which usually tells a lively and fun story. Learning these linguistic and cultural tips is beneficial to business communication and management. The English translation of the texts at the end of the book aims to help students better understand and use Chinese.
With abundant materials, this book provides spacious room for both teachers and students. Students can learn on their own initiative, and teachers can be flexible in their teaching, too.

About the Author
Huang Weizhi, who graduated from the Department of Chinese, Beijing Normal University, is now a professor in University of International Business and Economics. Prof. Huang was awarded the prize for excellent achievements in philosophy and social sciences in Beijing colleges in 1992. Her publications include: Business Chinese Conversationseries (elementary, intermediate and advanced), the TV seriesChinese for Business(26 volumes),Business Chinese(26 volumes) broadcast on CCTV, and International Business Chinese(50 volumes) supervised by Hanban and Ministry of Education.
Table of Contents
Cuisine and the Food Culture(1)
Cuisine and the Food Culture(2)
Alcoholic Drinks and the Drinking Culture
Tea and the Tea Culture(1)
Tea and the Tea Culture(2)
Silk and the Silk Culture
Dress, Personal Adornment and the Dress Culture(1)
Dress, Personal Adornment and the Dress Culture(2)
Ceramics and the Ceramic Culture
Architecture and the Culture of Civilian Residence
Tourism and the Tourism Culture(1)
Tourism and the Tourism Culture(2)
The Culture of Handicrafts
The Culture of the Four Treasures of the Study
Commercial Warfare and the Culture of Ancient Books
Classic Sayings in Commerce(1)
Classic Sayings in Commerce(2)
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Business Chinese Conversation (The Fourth Edition) Advanced Vol. 2