Chinese for Commerce: Writing

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Usage Advice: For Chinese majors taking business and finance courses in college, foreigners majoring in economics, foreign businessmen whose Chinese proficiency reaches HSK level 5, and senior students taking advanced Chinese courses .20 lessons altogether, each taking 2 class hours.

Level: Intermediate ,Advanced

College, Adults

This is one of the books in "STEP INTO PRACTICE - Business Chinese Series", which is planned to include the following: Chinese for Commerce: Comprehensive Course (1 & 2), Chinese for Finance: Comprehensive Course (1 & 2), Chinese for Commerce: Writing, Chinese for Commerce: Listening and Speaking (1 & 2), and Chinese for Commerce: Culture. Based on task-based teaching theory and model, this book is targeted at international students of business and trade whose Chinese proficiency reaches the intermediate or advanced level, aiming to develop their ability to fulfill business tasks in written Chinese. The book consists of altogether 20 lessons.

About the Author
Ms. Duan Mo, PhD from Shanghai Normal University, is an associate professor and lecturer of business Chinese at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, whose research focuses on task-based teaching theory.
Chinese for Commerce: Writing