An English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Cooking

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red bean cake红豆糕 
red bean ice loily小豆冰棍 
red bean paste红豆沙 
red bean paste pancake豆沙锅饼 
red bean porridge小豆粥 
red bean with milk ice红豆牛 奶冰 
red beet红甜菜头 
red belly湖红点鲑 
red cabbage红叶卷心菜 
red cabbage casserole红卷心菜 砂锅 
red cabbage colour红甘蓝色素 
red char高山红点鲑 
red cod红小褐鳕 
red.cooked chicken with tea 
red crab红蟹 
red currant红醋栗 
red currant jelly红醋栗酱 
red date paste枣泥 
red deer bone马鹿骨 
red deer placenta马鹿胎 
red delicious红蕉 
red drum眼斑石首鱼 
redeye mullet梭鱼 
red flannel hash红肉丁烤菜 
red ginseng honey水红参营养蜜 
red grouper红石斑鱼 
red gumard短鳍红娘鱼 
red heart radish红萝卜色素 
red herring熏青鱼 
red hind血点石斑鱼 
red hot红肠面包 
red juice orange血橙 
An English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Cooking