Chinese for Economics and Trade (II)

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Level: Intermediate
With the rapid growth of economics and trade communication between China and other countries, in recent years, more and more foreign students study at Chinese universities. Among these students, economics and trade majors account for the bulk. They have difficulties in their studies: some don’t learn enough professional vocabulary of Chinese; some have insufficient knowledge about Chinese economic background. Their mastery of Chinese is not at the same level, either. After studying this book for one year, students can make a full language preparation to study economics and trade.
Every part in this book, such as texts, grammar review and writing practice, has combined the characteristics of economics and trade. In this book, systemic grammar review, plenty of explanations and differentiations of words are provided; comprehensive training on listening, speaking, reading and writing is emphasized. There are 12 lessons in two volumes. In each lesson, there is a main text, explanations of economic terms, explanations and differentiation of words, grammar review, tips on encyclopedic knowledge as well as comprehensive training on listening, speaking, reading and writing. In the Exercise Book, the corresponding exercises for each part are provided and the answer keys are attached at the back of the book. There are recordings of the main text, text of speaking, text of listening and new words.
This book is concerned about each level of Chinese economy. All the main texts, encyclopedic knowledge about Chinese economy, texts of reading, dialogues and texts of listening are developed under one theme, so as to help students learn Chinese economy from a holistic and macro perspective.

About the Author
Jin Yiping, Associate Professor of the International School of Tongji University, has been working on teaching intensive Chinese for pre-college students for many years. Therefore, she has accumulated a wealth of teaching experience.
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Chinese for Economics and Trade (II)