Ah, Xiangxue (Chinese, English bilingual)

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Three works of Tie Ning, a Chinese contemporary writer, have been included in this book, which are "Oh,Xiangxue", "The Butterfly is laughing", "the Topic of the June". The three novels describe the Chinese social values' multivariant and their conflicts and create many vivid characters, containing rich life philosophy. "Oh, Xiangxue" represents the book. By describing a group of country girls represented by xiangxue, it shows their desire to the civilization outside the mountains where their village is located,their urgent mood to get rid of backwardness and poverty in their out-of-the-way village and their self-respect and pure heart.

The China Stories series is a collection of short stories and novellas that are meant for a pleasant reading experience, an experience that is made all the more delightful by our elaborately produced bilingual texts and beautiful illustrations. Whether the story-teller or the listener comes from China or elsewhere, we believe that you can derive your own impression of China from these stories, and feel closer to it whether it was familiar or strange to you before you lay your hands on the China Stories series.

About the Author
Tie Ning (1957- ) has won 6 national literature awards including the Luxun Literature Award. Her main works include full-length novels such as the Rose Gate, the Bathing Woman, and the Stupid Flower, more than 100 medium and short novels such as Ah, Xiangxue, How Long Is Forever and more. Coupled with essays and poses, she has published more than 4 million words. The movie adaptation of Ah, Xiangxue won the 41st Berlin International Film Festival Award.
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